What is a Mobile Service Technician?

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It’s harvest season, and your combine breaks down in the middle of your largest cornfield. You don’t have time to waste, but you can’t perform the repairs yourself. Mobile Service Technicians to the rescue! You may have seen a program offered at Ellsworth called, “Mobile Service Technician,” but what does that mean? What can you do with a Mobile Service Technician degree? How does a Mobile Service Technician impact today’s producer? Let’s do a deep dive into the Mobile Service Technician program.

What is a Mobile Service Technician?

A Mobile Service Technician carries out repair and maintenance jobs wherever their service truck will take them. Consider the service truck as a mobile workshop. This service truck carries all the tools they need to carry out most repairs.

Where do Mobile Service Technicians work?

The answer to that question is in the name! Mobile Service Technicians are mobile, so, therefore, they can work wherever a producer would need them to. Whether it be on the farm, in the field, on a gravel road, etc. As long as the service truck can drive where the producers are, a Mobile Service Technician can work anywhere.

What does a Mobile Service Technician do?

Instead of a producer coming to a garage to get their equipment serviced, a Mobile Service Technician will meet a producer at a location of their choosing to perform the necessary repairs. This ensures that the producer can continue with their planting or harvesting and not have to waste valuable time.

What skills to you need?

Mobile Service Technicians are generally employed by the implement or dealership. They tend to be mechanically inclined, and enjoy problem solving and troubleshooting. They can handle service on a wide variety of machines, so they tend to be adaptable to many types of equipment.

How are Mobile Service Technicians impacting today’s producers?

Mobile Service Technicians are flexible and convenient. In the world of Agriculture, time is of the essence, so there’s not a moment to lose! From sunup to sundown, producers are working tirelessly to ensure either a successful planting season or a successful harvest, but unfortunately, break-downs occur. This inconvenience is relatively minor thanks to the efforts of a Mobile Service Technician. Because of their efforts, producers are able to get back up and running, rather than sit around waiting for the local garage to fix their equipment.

What kind of services can a Mobile Service Technician offer?

A Mobile Service Technician can offer practically anything that a brick-and-mortar store would offer. The difference is convenience. Mobile Service Technicians can perform a wide range of repairs and services directly on-site. Routine maintenance, such as oil changes, air filter replacements, battery replacements, and brake pad replacements, can almost always be handled.

Now you should understand more about what a Mobile Service Technician is and what they do. If you’d like to learn even more about how you could become a Mobile Service Technician, click here. The courses in this program will prepare students to be successful as mobile service technicians by training them to operate a service truck and repair and/or service various types of agricultural equipment and machinery.