What is Esports Program Management?

Esports Program Management

Esports may be a familiar term if you are a gamer but the Esports Program Management degree is much more than playing games. You are still a part of the gaming world, but you can go beyond the once-in-a-million chance of playing games for your career. Consider one of the other careers in Esports Program Management.

Event Planning

Let the games begin! Competitive gaming is broadcast and/or played in front of a live audience. Sure, for the players it may just be a matter of showing up and playing but for the event planner, you have to think about technology, WiFi connectivity, crowd space, video, audio, and lights. There are a lot of moving parts with putting on an esports event.

Marketing & Graphic Design

You can’t compete with the bright illustrations and movement in a game but it’s up to Marketing and Graphic Design experts to draw your attention to other aspects of esports. This could include such things as creating promotional items or invitations for the big game! It may be working with local media or even social media to get the word out.

Those flashy new uniforms that you see the athletes wearing? Those could have been created by the Graphic Designer. Look around at a gaming event and see if you can spot the many influences behind the event that came from Marketing and Graphic Design.

Behind the Lens

The event is scheduled and ready to run but a big component of esports is the audience. A broadcasting position will allow you to watch all those exciting events while still bringing them to the masses. You will oversee the behind-the-scenes production. Will the event be televised or live-streamed? Getting the link out to local media and social platforms? It is your job to make sure fans from anywhere in the world are getting the best viewing experience possible.

Build the Excitement

Want to be part of the game, even though you aren’t playing? Shoutcasting is a great way to use your voice to bring excitement to the game. Shoutcasting is the play-by-play of the esports game. Use your voice to bring the game to life for those who are watching online.

There are so many great career options in the fast-growing esports field. If you want a career in gaming, you don’t have to just be able to play the game. There are so many ways to be involved in the excitement. Found out more about these careers and more offered at Marshalltown Community College through the Esports Program Management program! The only program in Iowa and just one of few in the whole country!