Why You Should Stay in Iowa After Graduation

11.29.20 Why You Should Stay in Iowa After Graduation

Many students grow up dreaming of moving to one of the coasts. The warm, sunny climate is appealing – especially when you are shoveling mountains of snow. But, despite the weather, Iowa has a lot to offer graduates. There is a reason people who have relocated are returning to their home state. Iowa is a great place to get educated, but it’s also a great place to live and work long after graduation.  

Industries Worth a Look 

You may automatically assume that positions in Iowa are all farming positions, but you would be wrong. Iowa is home to several industries that offer steady, high-paying jobs. A few industries worth a look: 

  • Technology – You may not think about Iowa as being technology-forward, but there are pockets of innovation everywhere, both in urban and rural areas. Technology giants such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple have built data centers within Iowa’s borders which are driving technology jobs locally. In addition to this, there are several technology startups and great technological entrepreneurship in a corridor known as “Silicon Sixth.” Graduates can write their future in the technology sector with degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology from MCC or ECC 
  • Finance and Insurance – Iowa, specifically the capital city of Des Moines, is known as one of the insurance capitals of the country. The city is home to several national insurance companies. Several nationwide financial institutions also make a home in Iowa. These companies provide a wealth of opportunities in Iowa’s more urban areas and look to hire people with knowledge and experience in business and finance. Looking for a position in these areas? A degree from MCC or ECC will put you on the fast track to success.  
  • Manufacturing – Do you love working with your hands? Iowa is known for having some of the most well-educated workforces, so it’s natural that major manufacturers would build in Iowa. Whether you want to work on renewable energy equipment, major farm equipment, utilize concepts like additive manufacturing, or more, industrial manufacturing jobs are plentiful and diverse. Local manufacturers need workers with problem-solving skills, welding ability, and technical know-how. Consider a program at MCC to learn the skills you need to succeed.  
  • Fields of Opportunities – If you are in agriculture, or an ag-related field, staying in Iowa is a no-brainer. In our rural state, farming is king. One in three jobs is related to agriculture, and the field is diverse. A degree from ECC in agribusiness, animal science, equine management, farm management, or veterinary medicine will help you land a career in agriculture.  

Affordable Cost of Living 

A job is great, but can you afford to live where you work? Iowa ranks high again and again when it comes to providing an affordable cost of living. When you earn a wage here, you can stretch your dollars much further than other places around the country, spending less than the national average on housing, groceries, and transportation.  


For years, Iowa has ranked high in education. You can not only afford to raise a family here, but you can also feel confident that your kids will receive a world-class education, from kindergarten through college. Iowa supports public education, with an emphasis on STEM education, a strong network of community colleges, as well as nationally-acclaimed public and private colleges.  

Work Hard, Play Hard 

If you are just starting out, a family may not be in your sights – yet. You are looking for a little excitement and want to know what there is to do. Iowa has you covered – from minor-league baseball, basketball and hockey teams, an arena football club, a 50-acre zoo83 state parks, shopping centers, and cultural attractions, there is something for everyone in Iowa. You don’t have to look far for nightlife or ways to spend a night out with friends or family.  

Why is all of this important? No matter who you are or what you are looking for, Iowa has something for you. You can grow, learn, work in a fulfilling career, and raise a family within our borders. Take a look at all Iowa has to offer, and consider your opportunities post-graduation.