Unique Scholarships at Iowa Valley

9.2.20 Unique Scholarships to Apply For

There’s no getting around it, college costs more today than it ever has.  The cost of college has increased more quickly than other costs such as rent, home values, and income.  Community colleges are a cost-effective option that offers high-quality education and traditional college experiences, including on-campus living and the many opportunities to be involved in student activities and organizations.  We’ve made it easy to find the unique scholarships at Iowa Valley so you can get the traditional college experience without all the debt.


Not only are community colleges more budget-friendly, but Iowa Valley Community College District schools also offer some of the most generous scholarship packages to students due in part to the Ellsworth College Foundation and the Marshalltown Community College Foundation.

Each foundation offers multiple endowed scholarships for students.  Unique to ECC is the.  This scholarship offers up to fifteen $5,000 scholarships each year to students entering the Agribusiness, Agriculture Science (transfer), Animal Science, Farm Management, Geographical Information Systems/GIS, Mobile Service Technician, Precision Agriculture, Renewable Energy Technology, or Swine Management programs.

MCC students who have graduated from a Marshall County school, are enrolled full time, have a GPA of at least 3.0, and demonstrate a commitment to the community through activities and volunteering are eligible for the. This scholarship is to help local youth in their pursuit of higher education in the hope that financial obstacles do not prevent students from obtaining the education and training to meet their goals.

Last Dollar Scholarship

Another scholarship opportunity for Iowa Valley students is Future Ready Iowa’s Last Dollar Scholarship.  This state-funded initiative will help more Iowans achieve education or training beyond high school leading to high-demand jobs by helping pay tuition for designated programs of study up to two-year degrees. The scholarship is designed to encourage people to join high-demand career fields (that offer high-paying job opportunities) and meet employers’ needs for more skilled workers while growing Iowa’s economy. Both new high school graduates and adults already in the workforce or unemployed, and who want to improve their skills, can participate.  Some eligible programs are nursing, medical assisting, business administration, welding, and equine management.  Check out a full list of Ellsworth’s and Marshalltown’s Last Dollar Scholarship eligible programs.


Pathways for Academic Career Employment  (or PACE) and GAP are scholarship opportunities for those who are pursuing education in a career training program.  PACE aims to support those seeking jobs which require more than a high school diploma, but not a four-year degree, and can be found in all of Iowa’s industries from construction and manufacturing to finance and health care.  GAP assistance helps bridge the funding gap for students enrolled in non-credit certificate programs, which aren’t eligible for federal financial aid.  This need-based tuition assistance is for career and technical programs for industry workers, health occupations, and transportation.


TRIO Student Support Services is a federally funded program that provides resources for first-generation college students, students with a documented disability, or students that demonstrate financial need.  In addition to topic-specific workshops, transfer counseling, and early registration to classes, students may be eligible for grant aid.  Both Marshalltown and Ellsworth were re-awarded TRIO SSS funding for five years in August of 2020.

File Your FAFSA

To take advantage of available scholarships, students must have filed a current FAFSA.  Remember, this must be done each year and becomes available on October 1.  Check out our post about Filling Out the FAFSA to answer questions about what exactly is a FAFSA, were to fill it out, and pitfalls to avoid.  (Pro tip: file your FAFSA early and be sure to sign it!)

Unlimited Opportunities

These are just a few financial aid opportunities available to Iowa Valley students, but there are many more!  Ellsworth and Marshalltown each award more than $900,000 in financial aid to students.  If you are curious about other scholarship opportunities, be sure to visit Marshalltown’s and Ellsworth’s Financial Aid pages or stop into Student Services.  Our staff is available and ready to help you achieve your education dreams without excess student debt.